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HOPE R4+ Lampen nach Lieferverzögerung nun verfügbar

Die lange erwartete neue HOPE Vision R4+ Lampe ist nun endlich verfügbar. Im folgenden Statement erklärt HOPE wo das Problem lag und warum die Auslieferung vrzögert erfolgte:

Firstly, if you’ve been waiting for one of our R4+ lights, we’re very sorry for the long delay and vague updates, however we’re pleased to say we finally have some good news. The first batch of lights will be delivered to shops today. We’re currently working flat out to build and ship more lights, although due to the number of back orders it could take us around two weeks to be in a position to complete existing orders and fulfil new orders from stock. We appreciate your patience in this matter.

We feel that we owe our customers an explanation of how this delay occurred. We work with a local supplier in Lancashire for the design and production of our printed circuit boards. This is the same company we have used successfully for many years and they have an excellent reputation. We worked with them over a long period of time on the new light, through many prototypes.

All the plans were in place to have production boards delivered mid-August for a September launch. Unfortunately although the prototype boards were tested and approved, the first batch of production boards did not pass our stringent inspection procedures. We assumed this would be a simple problem to fix. However it was a very involved process.

After lengthy investigation we found a solution and new boards were produced, so the lights we are now sending out meet ours and hopefully your high standards expected of a Hope product.

Once again thank you for your patience and understanding on this issue.

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