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Neue HOPE Pro-4 Nabe ab Februar lieferbar

HOPE Technologys bestÃĪtigt den Liefertermin der neuen Pro-4 Bikenabe auf Februar 2016 >>

Pro 4 Hubs – Available February 2016
From our very first Ti-glide hubs launched back in 1993 we’ve have had a reputation for producing some of the most durable and high quality hubs on the market. The mainstays of this reputation has been our attention to detail in both the bearings we use and our inspection processes. All bearing are from world renowned manufacturers to ensure the highest quality. Also every hub shell, freehub and axle produced in our Barnoldswick factory has all bearing diameters rigorously checked to ensure no unnecessary loads or pressures are placed on the bearings. This attention to detail has been carried into the new Pro 4 hub range as they are a direct development of the successful Pro 2 EVO. There are several improvements we’ve introduced on the Pro 4 hubs. They now use a 44 tooth ratchet mechanism which gives a 10% quicker engagement over the Pro 2 EVO. Also with the move to larger wheel sizes we’ve increased the flange diameter, adding important stiffness to wheel builds, even with non Boost width hubs. The final change is on the Shimano compatible freehubs which will be supplied ready to take 11sp cassettes.

Built in versatility
The Pro range of hubs have consistently been the most versatile hubs on the market with simple conversions available to suit virtually every standard. The Pro 4 is no different with the following axle conversions available: Front – QR, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm and 20mm. Rear – QR, 10mm, 12mm and 142mm. It doesn’t stop with axles either with the following freehubs available: Shimano 8, 9, 10 and 11 speed, Campagnolo, Sram XD. All these conversions and freehubs can be swapped without the need for complicated tools.

With another standard launched this year we have made hubs compatible with the 110mm front and 148mm rear spacing. To take full advantage of all this new standard can offer we have produced specific hub shells for this wider standard. However if you already have an existing hub set you’d like to convert, we have produced disc spacers and endcaps to modify existing front hubs.

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